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MarksAdda is an online learning platform supplementing the academic documents. In order to honour we value your trust, MarksAdda adheres to ethical standards in gathering, using, and safeguarding any information you provide..

MarksAdda is a leading EdTech Business Firm, incorporated in India, for imparting learning. This governs the use of the website www.marksadda.com and the other auxiliary website provides products and services managed by the Business Firm .

MarksAdda is an absolute educational platform and highly personalised and effective learning platform provides all the learning data for CBSE board. Our learning matter making course and selection easy for students and accessible to users on the move through the website’s mobile site. Our website is a repository of reliable and genuine information. Education seekers get a personalised experience on our site, based on educational background and enabling them to make well informed Science courses and other related courses.

MarksAdda is the first choice of students aspiring to score full marks in their exams. We are focussing on the best proportion of clear understanding and a good objective test to impart knowledge and level the aptitude. We know the value of your time and strive hard to deliver the best services. We are assisting students to use eBooks of exhaustive subject material for preparation of the exams. The decision making is empowered with easy access to detailed information on study content delivery, courses, exams, eligibility, rankings, reviews, latest updates as well as by interacting with other marksadda.com users and experts. We will introduce several student-oriented products for their Career Central.

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